Friday, October 19, 2018

Be The Light

"Be The Light" 

Thursday, November 1st

6PM to 9PM 

Palumbo's Restaurant and Lounge 

Asbury Ave., Tinton Falls

Good Morning Friends:

As time draws closer to our second annual "Be The Light" Event we look forward to celebrating with gratitude the opportunity to support high school students in recovery from substance use.  If you aren't aware, high school students from Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex, and beyond can attend K.E.Y.S. Academy, Recovery High School at no cost to their sending district, making it an optimum opportunity for those that require or will benefit from this support.

November 1st come join us and revel in the sounds of Violette from La Vie En Rose, a solo pianist from New York whose music and delightful. Your excitement for this project is palpable and we are grateful. Listen closely as we share the joys of our first year and the news of what is to come as we continue to grow.

Lastly, a silent auction will be available should you still have holiday shopping to do. Should you have any questions, please contact me directly at 732-232-4134.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 1st.


P.S.  You can purchase your tickets online or make a donation below by clicking on "RSVP". Of course there is still time this week to mail your check payment or donation to: Right Your Life, Corp. P.O. Box 421, Matawan, NJ 07747

College Board Scholarships-Beginning with the Class of 2020

Scholarships for all children.
College Board Opportunity Scholarships
Dear Member,
I’m thrilled to introduce the College Board Opportunity Scholarships, a $25 million commitment to encourage more students to take the steps necessary to get into college. This first-of-its-kind national scholarship program lays out six simple steps that all students can take to get into college. Students have the chance to earn scholarships when they:
Build their college list.
Practice for the SAT®.
Improve their SAT score.
Strengthen their college list.
Fill out the FAFSA.
Apply to college.
We hear from students and families across the country that getting into college is an overwhelming and complicated process. They're hungry for a simple guide that tells them what to do and when to do it. The six steps highlighted by College Board Opportunity Scholarships help students plan by making a good starter list of schools, prepare so they can take their best shot at getting in, and pay for college by earning scholarships and applying for financial aid.
Beginning with the class of 2020, we'll be awarding scholarships ranging from $500 to $40,000.

This isn’t your typical scholarship program. It doesn’t require an essay or an application, and it doesn’t have a minimum GPA or SAT score requirement. The College Board Opportunity Scholarships are different. The program is open to all students who attend high school in the United States, Puerto Rico, and other U.S. territories.
The College Board Opportunity Scholarships were designed to save counselors time by providing simple guidance to all kids. By taking each step, students can show college admission officers their resourcefulness and grit beyond test scores alone, while being rewarded along the way.

Our message today to all students, not just those at the front of the class, is that they can be a scholar and that they can go to college. We're asking all students to step up no matter where they stand, no matter where they’ve been.

Students can begin today by signing up on our site. The first step is to make a starter list of six colleges they want to attend. Just by making that list, they earn a chance for a $500 scholarship.

I hope you’ll share this email with friends and colleagues—we’re eager to reach as many students as we can. Visit the College Board Opportunity Scholarshipswebsite for detailed information and additional resources.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we clear a path for all students to own their future.

David Coleman
President and CEO of the College Board
The College Board
250 Vesey Street | New York, NY 10281

Thursday, October 18, 2018

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute awards more than $1 million in college scholarships to exceptional student leaders each year.

High school seniors nationwide who demonstrate leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship are invited to apply for the 2019 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program. This program annually provides college-bound students with $10,000 renewable scholarships – up to $40,000 total per recipient – and supports them as they lead and serve in college and beyond.

Help put promising young leaders in the running for this prestigious award. Share this news with candidates who exemplify these characteristics inside and outside the classroom and encourage them to apply.

Applications for the 2019 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program are accepted until Jan. 4, 2019. Additional information, eligibility requirements, and a link to the application are available online.

You may also follow us on Facebook and learn more about the Foundation’sother programs for students and educators.

We look forward to honoring these deserving student leaders next spring.
Image with recap of text.

Tips to Save Money When Your Child is Applying to College

We all know that college is expensive, but did you ever stop to think how expensive the application process can be…before your child ever steps foot on campus?

Applications run approximately $60 - $100 per school. SAT and ACT scores, at $11.25 a score report, have to be sent directly to the colleges (after you paid $64.50 for your child to sit for the exam multiple times.) Over 200 schools require the CSS Profile, which brings with it a price tag of $25 for the first school and $13 each additional school. Multiply this by a conservative number, like eight colleges and, well you get the picture.

The good news is that by doing a little extra homework, you can keep some of this money in your pocket, where it belongs.

Let’s start with test scores:

1.     Be aware of colleges that allow you to self-report test scores. Although policies may differ, the main premise is that you can tell them your test scores on the application, and if you go there, you have to send them the official report.  If you don’t go there, you just saved yourself $11.25 per score report, per college.

2.     Ask if the college will consider test scores official if they are reported on the high school's transcript.  Sometimes this information will be spelled out on the college’s website.

3.     Both ACT and SAT allow students to designate up to four colleges when they register for the test. This can be a little intimidating, and although I wouldn’t recommend it for the first test attempt to find a baseline, however, it could be a money saver for the senior who is taking the October SAT for the first time. Each testing situation is unique. Consider your situation and know this option is available.

4.     Talk to your school counselor if you think you may qualify for an SAT or ACT testing fee waiver. If you do, this could also save you money on application fees.

5.     Understand the difference between score choice and super scoring.  So many students come into my office and they are surprised that they can’t just send their March SAT Math score with just their May Evidenced Based Reading and writing score. After all, the college said they would take into account their highest math and highest verbal when considering admission and/or merit aid. Score Choice is a program that allows you to send score reports from specific testing dates and super scoring is something the college does with the score reports. They pull your highest math and verbal, add them together and disregard the date. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can send one score from column A with one score from column B.

Why does applying for need-based aid cost so much money?

·      The CSS Profile can actually save you money in the long run. Also, you may have no choice but to fill it out if the school you are applying to requires it. However, taking a few minutes to understand the college’s guidelines can ultimately save you from spending $25 for the first school you send it to, and $13 for each additional school. If the college's policy on their website is unclear, pick up the phone and call the office of financial aid with your specific question. Don’t assume that you make too much money to qualify for aid. The calculations for estimated family contributions (EFC) derived from the information on the CSS Profile may be very different from the EFC derived from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) calculations.

My final word of advice comes with building your college list. The more realistic the list, the more manageable the costs. Don’t confuse more with better. Be in charge of the list and know that once the final calculations come in that your child would be as happy at the least expensive school as they would be at the one that will cost the most. Throwing a school into the equation just because they sent you a fee waiver, may end up complicating the process; and simultaneously boost the school’s yield rate if your child is denied.

Remember that when you child is shopping for a college, the college is also shopping for a freshman class. We have to shift our focus from “will this college accept my child?” to “what will my child get from this experience?” Be a smart consumer and try to keep the emotional side of college admissions at bay.

Information About the University of South Carolina

Tick tock! The Early Answer Deadline is less than a week away! As a reminder, this deadline was extended to October 21, 2018 for all freshman applicants, regardless of residence, due to recent hurricane activity. The deadline to apply to the South Carolina Honors College remains November 15, 2018.

On Thursday, October 18 and Sunday, October 21, your seniors are invited to join a Live Chat session from 5:00 - 9:00 PM (EDT). Admissions representatives will be available to answer questions about the university and our application process, so encourage your students to reach out if they need help during their final hours before the Early Answer Deadline. Students can simply go to our homepage and click on the "Live Chat Now" link at the bottom of the screen.

CSS Profile

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Gettysburg College- Scholarship Opportunities

Greetings from Gettysburg!
During fall travels, my staff and I often receive the question "What type of student goes to Gettysburg?" I thought I would share the Class of 2022 profile with you. The class profile offers you some insight into what we are looking for in a Gettysburg student, but it certainly is not everything.
There are no bystanders at Gettysburg College. Students engage in research - 55% delve deep into research alongside faculty members prior to graduating; students lead in clubs and organizations, on athletic fields, and in the community - nearly 65% hold a leadership position; students think globally - over 60% study off campus for a semester or longer; students serve communities on campus, in town, and around the world - 90% participate in community service in their four years. At Gettysburg, the liberal arts education prepares students for life in a rapidly changing world.
Additionally, I would like to share with you two scholarship opportunities. The first is the STEM Scholars Program - a cohort of students will be chosen based on their interest in pursuing a major and career in a STEM-related field. We are looking for academically-promising, underrepresented minority, and first-generation students with demonstrated financial need to be part of the incoming STEM Scholars cohort. Students can learn more and apply online. The second opportunity is a new scholarship for talented musicians who seek to earn a music degree through the Sunderman Conservatory of Music. Preference will be given to students focused on the keyboard/piano. Learn more about music scholarships on our website.
I wish you a productive and rewarding fall semester! As always, please feel free to reach out to me or my staff at any point in time.
Gail Sweezey
Dean of Admissions
Gettysburg College

Summer Sessions at Duke

Dear Students,
Information for Duke Summer Session for High School Students’ 2019 programs is now available!  Choose from three transformative programs next summer:
Summer College – A four-week, credit-bearing program for students currently in 10th– 12th grade in which they take undergraduate-level courses.
Summer Academy – A three-week program for students currently in 9th – 12th grade in which they take a certificate course.
Accelerated STEM Academy – A one-week, STEM-based program for students currently in 9th – 12th grade that consists of a variety of hands-on labs, tours of Duke’s research facilities, faculty lectures, and workshops.

Nicki Charles, Ed.D.
Director of Summer Session for High School Students
Duke University

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Penn State - Early Action 11/1

Early Action application deadline: November 1
Penn State’s Early Action application deadline is fast approaching! If you have students who want to have an admission decision by December 24, they must submit their completed Penn State application by November 1, 2018!
Students may choose to apply to Penn State through one of the application methods listed below.
A completed application includes the online application, the application fee, standardized test scores submitted through the testing service center, and a completed Self-Reported Academic Record.
Not all majors are eligible for Early Action consideration. Please encourage your students to pay close attention to this information as they complete their application.
Once the application is submitted, they may check their status through their MyPennState profile.
This message sent to by
Penn State Undergraduate Admissions, 201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802
Penn State Undergraduate Admissions uses email addresses provided to us directly by prospective students, as well as those gained via organizations such as the College Board. If you do not wish to receive further email from us, please Unsubscribe.
U.Ed.UAO 19-161E

Stevens Institute of Technology

Dear Sandra,

We at Stevens hope your school year is off to a great start!  As you know, the college search and application process is a very exciting time for your students, and the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Stevens Institute of Technology would like to share some key insights about our programs and opportunities with your juniors and seniors as they are thinking about the college that may be the best fit for them.

There is still time for your students to join us on Saturday, October 20th for the Humanities and Arts Visit Day!  This event will feature our undergraduate programs, including Music and Technology, Visual Arts and Technology, and others.  Your students will also have the opportunity to visit the labs and facilities housed in our College of Arts and Letters; you can read more about them here.  

Please share this email with your students and encourage them to register for this great event.  Should you have any questions about Stevens, please reach out to your regional undergraduate admissions representative. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Jackie Williams
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Stevens Institute of Technology

P.S. Check out how Stevens has helped launch the careers of recent graduates from Music and Technology and Visual Arts and Technology!