Thursday, May 24, 2018

Matching Gifts for Donations to the MCSPCA This Weekend

We Need You!
You can DOUBLE your gift to the Monmouth County SPCA!
A generous donor has pledged to match all gifts this weekend, up to $5000, which will go towards our Duchess Fund - a special account that helps animals who need immediate, specialized care. Donate today!
Pookie & Riley Need Your Help..
Pookie and Riley recently came to the shelter in extremely poor shape. Both dogs were matted, Pookie to the point of strangulation to one of her legs, causing an infection in the bone. Sadly, her other leg was dangling due to a previous, untreated injury and will need to be amputated. Riley, the larger of the two, came with a grapefruit sized necrotic mass on her neck, which was too graphic to post. Both girls have severe periodontal disease, infected ears and anemia and will require aggressive treatment to help their health and condition improve.
Riley with her mass wrapped up to prevent further infection.
Our medical staff has been working since the minute they arrived to get these girls comfortable and ready for the long road to recovery they have ahead of them, but we need your help!

Our Duchess Fund is set up for situations just like this, for animals entering our shelter who need immediate and intensive care. We believe that all animals deserve freedom from pain, injury or disease and we're asking our followers to help us achieve that <3

You can help right now
Please consider making a donation today - a generous donor has pledged to MATCH all donations starting today through Tuesday so we can help even more animals like Pookie and Riley!
"Those who teach the most about humanity, aren't always humans"
Monmouth County SPCA

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