Tuesday, January 29, 2019

2019- Monmouth County Curriculum Consortium (MC3) Student Scholarship

Monmouth County Curriculum Consortium (MC3)
2019 Student Scholarship Opportunity

Dear Students, Parents, School Counselors, and Principals,

The Monmouth County Curriculum Consortium (MC3) is proud to announce its fourth annual student leader scholarships. The MC3 is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to sharing ideas and resources to improve learning. Since its founding in Monmouth County in 2012, it has expanded each year to include over 50 districts in three NJ counties. The support of membership dues allows it to hold training and sharing sessions covering every aspect of education, from testing to technology, as well as financial support for students and teachers of member districts through grants and scholarships.

Application Process (read all steps first)
  1. Open the application package by clicking here.  Clicking this link will force you to make a copy. Retitle this doc “MC3 2019 Scholarship [your first and last name].
  2. Type your info in the first two pages, then print the 2nd (certification) page and give to your principal or guidance department. It has instructions to sign and scan it to the review committee.
  3. On page 3, write a 700-1000 word essay responding to the prompt:

What should the role of schools be in shaping a diverse and inclusive society?

  1. Share the doc as shown.
  2. The MC3 Scholarship Team reviews applications anonymously. When applications are received,  the essay page is assigned a random number in place of the student name and other identifiers and then forwarded to committee members. Please do not refer to your name or the name of your school/district/town in the body of your essay!
    1. Essays are scored by each member based on a 15 point scale (see below). The five highest averages are each awarded a $1000 scholarship.
    2. In the event that there are ties creating more than 5 in the top tier, two additional reviewers will be asked to read and score the essays in that tier.
  3. Applications are due by midnight Sunday, March 3, 2019. Directions are on the online form.
  4. Student winners are planned to be announced at the regular April 5, 2019 MC3 General Meeting. Students will be asked in the form if they mind sharing their essay anonymously for the benefit of our community.

  1. High school senior on track to graduate.
  2. Accepted to a college, university or post-secondary CTE program.
  3. Application filled out completely and correctly, including school verification form.
  4. Meets threshold scores on essay, which will be scored on
    1. Originality (5 pts)
    2. Personal meaning (5 pts)
    3. Relevance to K-12 school experience (5 pts)

Questions, please contact Dr. Marc Natanagara at mnatanagara@trschools.com before the due date.

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