Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Scholarship- Friendly Sons of St. Patrick

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Jersey Shore
Brother Peter Mannion Memorial Grant

Application Instructions

·      The Brother Peter Mannion Memorial Grant is presented by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Jersey Shore to select high school seniors of Irish descent who plan to attend college in accordance with Guidelines established by the Foundation.
·      To be considered, the completed and signed Brother Peter Mannion Memorial Grant Application must be postmarked on or before the February 25, 2019 and submitted to:

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Jersey Shore Foundation
P.O. Box 254,
Spring Lake, NJ  07762               

If you have any questions please contact:
Susan Lavin, Executive Secretary, at (732) 223-3424

·      Each applicant must:
-       Provide the requested information in items 1 through 5 on the next page, and
-       Provide signatures as requested in item 4, and
-       Submit type-written responses to items 6 through 10 as described below.  Use our headings for your responses.  Do not provide your resume.

·      The Guidance Counselor or School Official:
-       Must sign item number 5 and provide the class rank and GPA, and
-       Must provide an official transcript (which includes the Fall semester, if available.)
    Instructions for items 6 through 10 (Responses must be type-written on a separate sheet using our headings):
6.   WORK EXPERIENCE: Please list any part-time or summer employment you worked during high school. Please include job title, dates of employment, and number of hours.
7.   COMMUNITY or VOLUNTEER SERVICE: Please list all volunteer service that you provide in your community to any civic, religious, charitable, or community based programs of any nature during high school.  Please include description of the work, dates of service, and hours worked.
8.   EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Please provide a list, year, and number of hours of all extra-curricular activities in which you have participated during high school. Extra-Curricular activities include all school sports, student government, musical and theater programs, clubs, yearbook, newspaper/magazine or similar activities.  Indicate if you were/are club officer or captain:
9.   ACADEMICS: Please list all academic achievements earned throughout high school. Include your grade point or numeric average, class rank, academic honors, honors courses and honor societies. 
10.  SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES or FACTORS: Please list any Special Circumstances which you would like to be considered.  Special Circumstances may include, but are not limited to, death, disability or serious illness of the parent or legal guardian, unemployment, medical or financial considerations or hardship, medical or physical needs, size of the immediate family, siblings presently enrolled in college or any other pertinent facts or circumstances.

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of the Jersey Shore
Brother Peter Mannion Memorial Grant Application

Name:                        Last: _________________________                 First: _________________                                     Middle Init: ___
Mailing address: ____________________________________________________________________________
                                    City: _________________________                  State: _________________                 Zip :-___ ______
Telephone:  (h): ___________________  (c): _________________            E-Mail: _________________
High School:  _______________________              City: ___________________________
2.   IRISH HERITAGE:  Please be specific (e.g., County) in describing your Irish Heritage or Ancestry:
3.   POST SECONDARY SCHOOL DATA: Please list your top three post-secondary schools to which you have applied or will apply for admission.
I plan to study or major in: _______________________________________________________
4.     CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that the information contained in this application is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. I am aware that the Grant Selection Committee will rely upon the information contained herein to consider my application.

_______________________  _________          __________________________  _________
Applicant Signature                        Date              Parent or Guardian Signature     Date

5.     SCHOOL CERTIFICATION: The undersigned is an Administrator or Guidance Counselor at the high school which the Applicant attends. The undersigned certifies that the Applicant (i) is a full time student; (ii) will receive his/her diploma in May/June of this current school year; (iii) has submitted applications for admission to continue his/her post-secondary education; (iv) has displayed respect for his/her fellow students, high school and community and (v) has displayed character, leadership and a commitment to academics.
Please provide Class Rank/GPA, and attach an official transcript including Fall Semester, if available.

 Class Rank/GPA ___________       ______________________________________        _________
Signature of School Official                                                                 Date
                                                                                          Or Guidance Counse

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