Monday, June 3, 2019

Khan Academy Scholarship for students ages 13-18

Khan Academy
There is only 12 days left to enter the Breakthrough Junior Challenge! Don’t miss this chance to win a $250,000 college scholarship.
To enter, create a short video explaining a challenging concept in physics, mathematics, or the life sciences in an engaging, illuminating, and creative way.
Anyone ages 13 through 18 is eligible. In addition to awarding a college scholarship to the winner, the Breakthrough Junior Challenge will give the winner’s teacher a $50,000 prize and the winner’s school a new $100,000 science lab. The winner also will be invited to an awards ceremony where the prize will be presented in front of the superstars of science, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.
Good luck—we can’t wait to see your video!
The Khan Academy Team
P.S. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2019 so don’t wait—have your student enter now!

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