2017-2018 Scheduling

Click here for the 2017-2018 Course Catalog. Please use this catalog as a planning guide as we prepare for next year's course selection.

Online registration opens March 6 and will close on March 17. Click here for instructions for online registration.

Course selection worksheets (must be signed and returned to guidance by April 4th):

Rising Seniors

Rising Seniors (Design Academy)

Rising Juniors

The courses you select are requests only.

As the master schedule is being developed, we may need to call you to the guidance office to discuss scheduling conflicts. In an effort to save time and get you the schedule you most desire for next year, we ask that you communicate your preferences to us in a Google Survey that will be sent to your school email address. Although we can't guarantee a perfect schedule, we encourage you to speak your mind now so we can come as close as possible.

Scheduling checklist:

  • Did you select your requests using online registration?
  • Did you complete your course selection worksheet and return it to the Guidance office?
  • Did you respond to the Goggle Survey?

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