Seton Hall Articulation - Registration

September 2019

Dear Parents/Students:

This semester (fall) we are excited to announce our continued articulation agreement with Seton Hall University.  Students have the unique opportunity to earn up to 16 college credits depending on their schedule. The current list of courses approved for accreditation include the following:
                  ENGL 1201 PCM                      Core English (English IV) – 3 Credits (semester)
                  ENGL 1201 PCV                        Core English (English IV) – 3 Credits (full-year)
                  MATH 1401 PCM                     Calculus I (Calculus) – 4 Credits
                  SPAN 2001 PCM                      Intermediate Spanish I  (Spanish IV) - 3 Credits
                  SPAN 2002 PCM                      Intermediate Spanish II (Spanish IV) - 3 Credits
                  SPAN 3001 PCM                      Intermediate Spanish III (Spanish Communications) – 3 Credits

Credits will be awarded upon completion of the course, and it is quite possible that these credits may be transferred to other colleges and universities. It is recommended that you contact the admissions office of the post-secondary institutions that you are interested in attending to see if they will accept these transfer credits as higher education policies vary. Additional information about the Project Acceleration program can be found at:

In order to register for Seton Hall University credit students must follow this process and provide a check for $100.00/per credit made out to Seton Hall University by Ocotber 18, 2019.

  1. Go to and fill out enrollment information.
  2. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email with their registration form, if you do not please contact
  3. Print the emailed form, fill it out completely and accurately, and write in the courses (above) that you intend to register for.
  4. Attach a check for ($100.00 per credit (e.g., Math 1401 PCM, Calculus I would be $400.00).
  5. Return the completed form with payment to Mrs. Sambataro by October 18, 2019.

Students should only register for courses they are currently enrolled in during the fall semester and can register for a maximum of ten credits. Students in alternating day English IV that meets with AP Calculus should register using the code PCV not PCM.

Students may obtain an official transcript after the course is completed. Seton Hall University uses an online transcript ordering service offered through National Student Clearinghouse. Each transcript costs $5. To order your transcript visit
  • Click on Order Track Verify
  • Click Order or Track a Transcript
  • Select Seton Hall University from the drop down menu
  • Click Submit

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 732-681-1010.

Melanie Sambataro

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